Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a refund for a single item from a virtual bundle?

No, if you request a refund for a single item from a virtual bundle, you will need to return the entire bundle, and the full amount will be refunded.

Can I get a replacement for a single item from a virtual bundle?

Yes, if you require a replacement for a specific item, you will need to return that item, and we will arrange for a replacement.

Can I return a single item from a virtual bundle?

No, if you wish to return any item from a virtual bundle, you will need to return the entire bundle.

How are you sourcing your products?

We have deals with whole-sellers, manufacturers, and importers. We only sell authentic Bangladeshi products.

How do I know when my order is here?

A representative will call you as soon as they are at your house to let you know about your delivery.

How do I pay?

We accept cash on delivery. Don’t worry, our representatives should always carry enough change.

How does the site work?

You can browse the site or use our search engine to find your desired products. You can then add them to your shopping bag and click on Place order. You let us know your address, select a delivery time, you are done. A representative will then deliver your order right to your home or office

My order is wrong. What do I do?

Please Immediately call +880.1971.537635 and let us know the problem.

Should I tip the delivery representative?

Tips are not required. But our delivery team members appreciate recognition for their hard work. Delivery representatives keep the entire tip amount.

What are your delivery hours?

We deliver from 7.30 am to 11 pm every day. You can choose from available slots to find something that is convenient for you.

What happens during a hartal?

We work during hartals. That’s how dedicated we are. 

What if the item is out of stock?

We hold our own inventory in our warehouses, so we rarely run out of stock. However, we will try our best to source what you need. If we are unable to source it, we will send you Push Notification to inform you.

What is a Virtual Bundle?

A Virtual Bundle is a product bundle that includes multiple items sold together at a discounted price.

ফিল্টার এবং উন্মোচন
ফিল্টার এবং উন্মোচন

সকল পণ্য বাংলাদেশ সরকারের নিয়মানুযায়ী প্রকৃত, পরীক্ষিত এবং অনুগত

কার্টে যোগ করুন
কার্টে যোগ করুন

আপনার কার্ট ডেটা সুরক্ষিত থাকবে এবং কারো সাথে শেয়ার করা হবে না।

দ্রুত শিপিং
দ্রুত শিপিং

ঢাকায় 1000 টাকার বেশি অর্ডারের জন্য পরের দিন বিনামূল্যে ডেলিভারি।

পণ্য উপভোগ করুন
পণ্য উপভোগ করুন

আমরা সত্যিই আপনার কেনাকাটা অভিজ্ঞতা সম্পর্কে যত্নশীল.